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Coach Me Into My AirBnb

Coach Me Into My AirBnb

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So if you're wondering how everyone is making a killing doing AIRBNB?

Did you know that your chances for success increase 46% by having a skillful mentor? 

.... I have the inside scoop and can guide you through your entire process. You need to know which apartments are friendly, which ones have lower monthly rates, the do’s and dont’s to keep guests away from the leasing office, how to keep your ratings at SUPER-Host status, and when to alter your rates based off the market and what’s happening in the city.

No matter what city or state you are in, I can guide you through the entire process.

What you can expect from me as your mentor


1. Our Full DIY Course so you are always able to have a reference guide

2.  2 (30mins) sessions to help ensure you actually have someone to talk to and ask those last-minute questions! (Can be the difference between an approval and denial with apartment complex) ($1,500 Value)

3. I am a licensed realtor  (I can assist you with obtaining a home to use for rental space)

4. I have a strong background with some of the huge apartment companies, I know what and how to get approval for multiple units  (Scripts to use) 

5. How to create a rental space business that wins! 

6. Acess to Navy Federal ($1,000 value) which will help establish good personal and business credit

7. Help to structure your business legally to win!

8. References when needed! 






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