Start Your Credit Repair Firm (PCG)

Start Your Credit Repair Firm (PCG)

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This one of the most intense programs yet.

We want you ready to handle your first client!

The program is designed to repair any and all negative remarks listed on your credit report, along with aligning your credit goals with your lifestyle.

We have enlisted one of the best Budget Coaches because we understand the value that budgeting brings to Credit. 

  • 8 months of service 
  • 1 monthly coaching sessions. 1 monthly check-in. 
  • One session for Credit Score check-in.
  • One session for Budgeting tips/tools. 
  • Customized "Credit Strong" Tee with your name on it!
  • Dos & Don'ts PDF 
  • Held accountable for results
  • A part of a community of growth

Who is this program for? 

This program is for that individual that wants to make their goals HAPPEN THIS YEAR! This program is for that individual that knows they need to be held accountable, who's ready to be challenged, and ready to do the hard work. 

We're ready to help! Cheers to a powerful 2021!