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HIPAA SYSTEM - Medical Collections
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DIY Pay-To-Delete Letter

This letter is to be sent to the debt collection company attempting to collect a debt on you.

A pay-to-delete is when you negotiate with the debt collector for removal of the debt in exchange for payment.



DIY Student Loan Removal Kit

*Use these letters to request your closed student loans be removed from your credit profile*

DIY Bureau Reinvestigation Letter

This letter is used to initiate the dispute process with the credit bureaus. You will generate one letter for each bureau, adding all of the accounts that you want to include in your dispute.



DIY Bankruptcy Removal Kit

This kit has step-by-step instructions to remove your DISCHARGED bankruptcy from your credit report.

DIY Inquiry Removal Letters

These 2 letters are used to remove inquiries from your credit report. The first letter goes to the credit bureaus. If they refuse to remove the inquiries, then send the second letter to the creditor who submitted the inquiry.



DIY Early Exclusion Letters

This letter is used for debt close to falling off of your credit report, but not quite at the 7-year mark.

DIY Method of Verification Letters

These letters are used for debt that has been verified. The first letter is sent to whoever verified the debt. The second letter is used if, after the first letter, you still do not receive the information requested.



DIY Goodwill Request Letter

Do you have late payments that you want removed? Use this letter template to request the removal of late remarks on an open account.

*There is NO law that says a creditor has to remove a late payment. As a consumer, you have the right to request, but they also have the right to deny.

*deletions do not absolve you of any debt. Unless due to identity theft or some other reason that specifically states you do not owe the debt, you are still ultimately responsible and should reach out to the original creditor to handle the debt.



DIY Vehicle Repo Letter

Send this to the debt collector or collection agency that has informed you that they have ownership of your debt.

DIY Debt Validation Letter

Fill out the highlighted information and send this letter to the debt collector or collection agency that has informed you that they have ownership of your debt.