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"What are you getting with the "Repair, Rebuild, & Grow Credit PRO"

Our plan of attack!

Day 1 - Sign Up

Day 3 - Letters Mailed Out For Personal Information Updates (certified mail)

Day 10 - Letters are mailed out with backdated dates requesting verification of negative remarks listed 

Day 25 - Letters are mailed informing each bureau of their failure to comply within the required 30 days, demanding resolution. (certified mail)

Day 38-45 - If no action has been taken, file a complaint with CFPB

Day 59 - Receive a response from CFPB and wait for bureaus to correct! 

Day 70 - Review results! 

RIse and repeat every 3 months until results are met! 

(Days may differ depending on the speed of removal of outdated personal information as that is a key conpotent) 

Length of service - (3 month)

Rigor - Starter

Max (3) Negative Items Disputed for all 3 major bureaus

(3) Rounds of Dispute Letters for all 3 major bureaus

  • Thorough Legal Credit Bureau Challenges
  • Debt Creditor Interventions - Managing settlements the right way!
  • Cease & Desist letters - Stop the Debt collectors from harassing you!
  • Score Analysis.